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It starts with the comfort and experience of your guests

Schneider Electric guest room management solutions are designed to put 
your guests in control for an experience they will remember

What makes the perfect guest room? It’s an environment that makes your guests feel at home,whether they’re local travelers or visiting from afar. It’s an environment where you can personalize their experience with a welcome message displayed in their room, in their native language.

It’s a room where your guests are greeted with a comfortable temperature and can enjoy simple room control to create exactly the ambience they want. It’s a room with no complexities, just pure delight and gratification.

It’s a room where every detail has been attended to, where each one of its elements contributes to an exceptional guest experience. This includes enjoying advanced technology such as temperature, lighting, bedside panel, tablet, curtain, and entertainment system control — all with a solution that complements your hotel through elegance, sophistication, and customization.

Schneider Electric guest room management solutions help you deliver all of this with a powerful Guest Room Management System and smart room controllers that offer multi-language support and elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with your decor.

Drive efficiency while your guests are away

On average, guests spend less than eight hours per day in their rooms. When unoccupied, the guest room is often left with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and lights on. That’s wasted energy and money. You can now turn that into an opportunity with Schneider ElectricTM guest room management solutions.

According to ENERGY STAR®, hotels in the United States spend $2,296 (approximately €2,060) per available room each year on energy — this represents 6 per cent of all operating costs. Guest room management solutions help you reduce those costs. Saving 10 per cent would have the same financial effect as increasing the average daily room rate by $0.62 (approximately €0.56) in limited-service hotels and by $1.35 (approximately €1.21) in full-service hotels. These numbers are often even higher in parts of the world where air conditioning is used extensively.

Schneider Electric guest room management solutions use a combination of presence detectors and door status data to automatically detect whenever a room is unoccupied, adjusting room conditions while guests are away and quickly restoring those settings as soon as they return.

Our solutions drive greater hotel efficiency and savings. And it’s all seamless to the guests — they are simply greeted by the finest comfort and guest room experience.

Typical heating control sequence of a standalone guest room

Full Service & Luxury Integrated Guest Room Management Solution

For full service and luxury hotels that want to provide the ultimate in-room experience for their guests, this solution builds upon the technology of the Standalone and Integrated solutions by adding a Room Control Unit(RCU) to each guest room. 

The RCU manages multiple lighting circuits, curtains, DND/MUR, bedside panel, and tablet applications in the guest room. It can also be integrated with the entertainment system to enable control from an in-room tablet or from your guests’ own devices. Our RCU builds a robust, added-value solution that ensures your guests enjoy a unique experience and pleasing ambience, enticing them to revisit your hotel in the future. 

The RCU aggregates data from all the subsystems and devices in the room, including the SE8000 and 3rd party systems like door lock. This data is then served up to the GRMS and BMS/PMS for full visibility and control of the guest room, including occupied status, energy use, service requests, and maintenance needs.

Optimize your hotel’s performance

Enhance guest services

Guest room management improves staff productivity on behalf of your guests. Staff can easily see when rooms are unoccupied. The front desk can prepare room settings while guests are checking in and understand the room environment when they receive a call from the guest.

Improve maintenance efficiency and response times

The engineering team can start managing the entire property, whether they are on-site or off-site. With alarm notification, they become much more responsive and can act before the guest is even aware of a problem. With trending and reporting, they can be more proactive with equipment 
maintenance and ensure the best continuity of services for the property.

Achieve simplicity and sustainability at the same time

Full visibility of your energy use will enable you to improve operations and reduce costs while increasing guest control and comfort. Through our simple yet powerful guest room management solutions, you can remotely monitor and control HVAC, lighting, and metering systems to ensure your hotel is always operating at peak performance.

Improve revenue and brand awareness

Leverage the intelligent features of our solution to increase sales as well as your brand recognition. For example, display an invitation on the room controller in each guest room for happy hour in the lounge. Or proudly display your logo as the standby image to promote your hotel’s brand.